Our Lab - Electrochemistry, Synthesis

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Multichannel Potentiostat

Ametek PARSTAT (3 channels)

large current electrochemical testing for up to 3 experiments at the same time

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Portable Bioptentiostat

CHI 760E (one channel)

portable station for in situ experiments for 2-4 electrodes system

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DEMS (EC-maspectroscopy)

HPR-40 DEMS (Hiden Analysis)

on-line gas/electrolyte analysis for real time detection and efficiency calculation

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Electrode Polisher


polishing electrodes: glassy carbon electrodes, metal electrodes, etc.

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Multiparameter Meter

Mettler Toledo S479

measure pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, resistivity, Redox/ORP in real time

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Atomic Force Microscopy


in-situ morphology analysis and active site mapping of electrocatalysis

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Scanning electrochemical microscopy

probe-based mapping method for electrochemical active sites

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CO2 electrolyzer

All-in-one home-build system

all-in-one system for CO2 reduction and analysis with gas diffusion electrode (GDE)

GTIIT - Material analysis

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FTIR spectroscopy

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Raman spectroscopy

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